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Getting Around the District...
​ 1/29/16 - 8 am at Russell Last Chance Market
               10 am at Chariton Mosaic Office
                2 pm at Sully Coffee Cup Cafe

 2/5/16 - 8 am at Pella Chamber Roundtable
              11 am at Otley Two Rivers Coop

 2/12/16 - 8 am at Tracy Two Rivers Coop
                9:30 am at Bussey City Hall
                5 pm at Knoxville Chamber Office

 2/20/16 - 7:30 am Newton Farm Bureau
                9 am Newton HyVee
                11 am Monroe City Hall

1/28/16 - "Coupling with federal tax codes" at Newtondailynews.com

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1/26/16 - "Iowa LGBTQ youth event facing inquiry" at Desmoinesregister.com

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1/18/16 - "Education funding contentious at legislative coffee" at Newtondailynews.com

1/15/16 - "Chamber hosts legislators" in The Knoxville Journal Express, page 8

1/14/16 - "Legislative Forum in Monroe Saturday" in Hometown Press, page 18 and Monroe Legacy, page 4

1/13/16 - "First legislative coffee set for Saturday in Newton" at Newtondailynews.com
                "Farm Bureau members meet with legislators" in Spokesman, page 7

1/12/16 - "Let’s Talk Knoxville – Senator Amy Sinclair and Rep. Greg Heartsill" at KNIAKRLS.com

1/8/16 - "Heartsill is ready for the session" in The Knoxville Journal Express, page 16

​1/7/16 - "Capitol Issues: Heartsill has specific bills he’ll sponsor, promote in 2016" at Newtondailynews.com
                "Legislators in Knoxville on Friday" at Journalexpress.net

1/1/16 - "Heartsill Expects Aggressive Session in Iowa Legislature" at KNIAKRLS.com