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 Representative Heartsill in the News:

2/7/15:      "Industry Leaders Met with Legislators in Pella to Discuss Current Session Friday"  link to KNIA/KRLS

2/6/15:      "Heartsill Tours Long Awaited Prison Facility in Fort Madison"  link to KNIA/KRLS

2/5/15:      "Heartsill on the Hill", Chariton Herald Patriot, page 4
                 "FFA officers participate in 30th Annual Legislative Symposium", Hometown Press, page 13  

2/3/15:      "Delayed Fort Madison prison under investigation" link to Newton Daily News

2/2/15:      "Heartsill on Subcommittee for Crime Victim Notification Bill"  link to KNIA/KRLS
                 "Let’s Talk Knoxville – Legislative Update with Rep. Greg Heartsill"  click to listen

2/1/15:      "Heartsill Looking Into Crime Victim Notification Bill"  link to KNIA/KRLS  

1/30/15:    "Twin Cedars FFA Visits Heartsill", Knoxville Journal Express, page 9
                 "FFA chapters visit Capitol"  link to Newton Daily News

​1/29/15:    "Heartsill on the Hill", Chariton Herald Patriot, page 4

1/28/15:    "Heartsill meets with Twin Cedars FFA"  link to JournalExpress.net

1/27/15:    "Proposed Heartsill Bill Would Assist Law Enforcement Agencies with Abductions"  link to KNIA/KRLS
​                 "Let’s Talk Knoxville – Legislative Session Update with Rep. Greg Heartsill"  click to listen
​                 "Stability and growth in education funding"  link to Newton Daily News

1/26/15:    "Heartsill Hoping for Alternatives to Gas Tax Proposal"   link to KNIA/KRLS

1/24/15:    "Heartsill: Budget Constraints will Limit Supplemental State Aid"   link to KNIA/KRLS

1/23/15:    "Murra, Heartsill to Discuss State Supplemental Aid"  link to KNIA/KRLS

1/22/15:    "Heartsill Town Meeting", Hometown Press, page 1
                 "Legislative Forum", Monroe Legacy, page 1
                 "Heartsill on the Hill", Monroe Legacy, page 10-11
                 "Sinclair, Heartsill Ready to Hold Next Round of Town Halls Friday"  link to KNIA/KRLS

1/21/15:    "Opening week of the 86th General Assembly"  link to Newton Daily News
                 "Heartsill Responds to Murra Letter about State Supplemental Aid to Schools" link to KNIA/KRLS

1/19/15:    "First Legislative Coffee draws a crowd"  link to Newton Daily News
1/18/15:    "Heartsill, Sinclair report on week one in the Legislature"  link to JournalExpress.net

1/16/15:    "Legislators take part in forum", Knoxville Journal Express, page 3
                 "Heartsill Sworn In", Knoxville Journal Express, page 10

1/14/15:    "Heartsill Sworn-In as District 28 Rep"  link to KNIA/KRLS
                 "League of Women Voters to host Legislative Coffees"  link to Newton Daily News
                 "Local legislators take oath for 2015 session" link to Newton Daily News

1/11/15:    "Area Legislators Visit Knoxville Ahead of Session Start"   link to KNIA/KRLS

1/8/15:      "Let’s Talk Knoxville – Iowa Gas Tax Changes with Rep. Greg Heartsill"  link to KNIA/KRLS
​                 "Branstad: Local gas sales tax option for funding county roads"   link to Newton Daily News

1/4/15:      "Heartsill: Proposed Gas Tax Increase to be Discussed by Legislature"  link to KNIA/KRLS

1/2/15:      "Heartsill talks budget, rural road funding in 2015 session"  link to Newton Daily News
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Constitution Presentations:
Wednesday, September 16: 
DMAAC Q&A Forum – 1:45 pm

Thursday, September 17: 
L-S High School – 10:15 am
L-S Middle School - 11:15 am
Sully Christian - 2:15 pm

Friday, September 18: 
Pleasantville Middle School – 11:45 am

Monday, September 21:
PCM – 12 pm