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House District 28
(The district map changes are effective beginning with the 2012 Election Cycle)

my oath of office, by upholding the Constitutions of these United States and the State of Iowa, to the best of my ability.

   Iowans have a reputation for their strong work ethic, community pride, and hometown hospitality. Those of us that reside in Iowa House District 28 certainly reflect these and various other attributes that make Iowa a great place to live and raise a family.

  As a citizen legislator, I am working to ensure that our state government is running effectively to serve the citizens of Iowa, while at the same time operating as efficiently as possible so that your hard-earned tax dollars are not wasted on bloated bureaucracy. As a busy dad and small business owner, I want to make sure our government agencies are functioning and handling public monies with the same frugality and attention you and I would give to our family and business budgets.

  It is also very important to me that our government fulfill its primary obligation of preserving and protecting our liberties and God-given rights. That is why in the Legislature, I have worked hard to move common sense legislation to the Governor’s desk that keeps citizens, especially our kids, safer...bills like toughening penalties on human traffickers, sexually violent predators, and kidnappers. I will continue this work moving forward.

  In the last four years I have learned a great deal about dozens of complex issues that the residents of House District 28 have shared with me at forums, by email, or on the phone.  I am always ready to help constituents cut through the red-tape of government and navigate the problems they are facing with state government.  

  I look forward to chatting with you soon!
 God bless,

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  Welcome to the Heartsill for Iowa website!  I'm glad you could drop by for a visit.  
  It is truly an honor for me to serve as your representative in the Iowa House.  I do not take this responsibility lightly and I pledge to faithfully execute

      Please vote at or return your absentee ballot to your county auditor:

    Jasper County Auditor 
    101 - 1st Street North 
    Room 202 
    Newton, Iowa 50208 
Lucas County Auditor 
916 Braden Ave # 1 
Chariton, IA 50049
Marion County Auditor 214 E Main St 
Knoxville Iowa 50138

 Spring is in the air!
But, before  you dig...
 call  800-292-8989!
Many times we are unaware of underground utilities.  Hitting a buried utility on your property could put you or other area residents in danger.  To keep safe: 
1- call the Iowa One Call phone number
2- wait the required time for all area utilities to
    be marked
3- hand dig with caution if hole needs to be 
    placed within 18" of the utility markings
Our US Constitution is 229 years old! 
​September 17, 2016
 My Importance of our Constitution Schedule: 

Sept 15-16  -- KIIC Radio
Sept 20 -- Prairie City-Monroe
Sept 21 -- Sully Christian
               DMAAC Newton
Sept 27 -- Pleasantville
Sept 28 -- Twin Cedars
Sept 30 -- Knoxville